De ce opțiunea de vanilie

de ce opțiunea de vanilie

Features[ edit ] A straight call or put option, either American or Europeanwould be considered non-exotic or vanilla option.

de ce opțiunea de vanilie fără depunere cont de opțiuni binare

There are two general types of exotic options: path-independent and path-dependent. An option is path-independent if its value depends only on the final price of the underlying instrument.

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Path-dependent options depend not only in the final price of the underlying instrument, but also on all the prices leading to the final price. An exotic option could have one or more of the following features: The payoff at maturity depends not just on the value of the underlying instrument at maturity, but at its value at several times during the contract's life it could be an Asian option depending on some average, a lookback option depending on the maximum or minimum, a barrier option which ceases to exist if a certain level is reached or not reached by the underlying, a digital optionperoni options, range options, spread optionsetc.

Option contracts traded on futures exchanges are mainly American-style, whereas those traded over-the-counter are mainly European. Nearly all stock and equity options are American options, while indexes are generally represented by European options. Commodity options can be either style.

It could depend on more than one index such as in basket optionsoutperformance options, Himalaya optionsor other mountain range options The manner of settlement may vary depending on the moneyness of the option at expiry, such as a cash or share option. There could be callability and putability rights.

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It could involve foreign exchange rates in various ways, such as a quanto or composite option. Even products traded actively in the market can have the characteristics of exotic options, such as convertible bondswhose valuation can depend on the price and volatility of the underlying equitythe credit ratingthe level and volatility of interest ratesand the correlations between these factors. Barriers[ edit ] Barriers in exotic option are determined by the underlying price and ability of the stock to be active or inactive during the trade period, for instance up-and —out option has a high chance of being inactive should the underlying de ce opțiunea de vanilie go beyond the marked barrier.

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Down-and-in-option is very likely to be active should the underlying prices of the stock go below the marked barrier. Up-and-in option is very likely to be active should the underlying price go beyond the marked barrier.

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